A Double Topknot Hair Tutorial That Looks Chic, Not Childish

by Ulrika Edler

A Double Topknot Hair Tutorial That Looks Chic, Not Childish

You’re familiar with the topknot—easy, versatile, and flattering. But what about the double topknot? Give your 5-minute updo an update with this cute and quirky hair trend.


The traditional topknot is an easy way to look trendy and pulled together when you’re limited on time, but honestly—it can get boring, fast. If you’re looking for a simple and fun way to add a little more flair to your look, the trendy double topknot is for you. While it may feel like a throwback to your elementary school days, the chic-but-quirky hairstyle is taking over the beauty blogs and Instagram feeds of grown ass women everywhere. Hairstylist Kathleen Pothast shows us how to achieve the look with this tutorial.



Follow these steps:


double topknot hair tutorial

1. Prep the hair with detangling spray and volumizing dry shampoo to add texture. Part hair down the middle, from the hairline to the base of the neck.


2. Use texturizing powder and backcomb the roots of the hair at the front of your head for added volume. We used Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff Volumising Powder, $32.


double topknots hair tutorial


3. Gather one side of the middle part into a high pony, near the top of the head. Secure with an elastic.


4. Separate the secured pigtail into two sections and start winding one section of hair around the base of the elastic. Secure the twisted section with a bobby pin.


double topknots hair tutorial


5. Twist the remaining section around the base of the pigtail in the opposite direction and secure with a bobby pin. The messier, the better.


6. Repeat steps 3-4 on the opposite side.


7. Pull out some loose strands framing your face for a more textured and playful look.



double topknots hair tutorial


Pair this laidback look with everything from a sundress and kimono for a fun ’70s vibe, or a sporty athleisure look that throws off major runway vibes. Either way, you’re sure to rake in the compliments!