Dress Up Your Braided Chignon with a Silk Scarf

by admin

Dress Up Your Braided Chignon with a Silk Scarf

If your three-strand braid needs a little something-something to spice it up, try this easy braided chignon with a silk scarf. Pick out your favorite long scarf, and incorporate it into your look. It's the perfect hidden accessory for when you think a scarf around your neck is a little much.

Silk Chignon

When we saw this updo coming down the Alice + Olivia runway at NYFW, we knew it wasn't your average braided chignon. Whether you're looking to dress up your look, add a pop of color, or pump up the volume on your bun, this easy hairstyle will get the job done. All you have to do is hook a scarf into your ponytail, braid, twist, and pin. That's really it! For more help, check out our step-by-step tutorial.

Silk Chignon: Steps 1-2

1. Gather your hair straight behind your ears to create a tight ponytail in the middle-back of your head. Secure with an elastic.

2. Roll a scarf into a tubelike shape to match the length of your hair. Pull the scarf through the elastic with approximately 5 inches loose at the top.

Silk Chignon: Steps 3-4

3. To create a three-section braid, section your ponytail into two parts and incorporate the scarf, it will be the third part. Braid the three together to the ends, and secure with an elastic.

4. Finally, wrap the braid into a tight bun, making sure to hide the ends of the scarf inside the bun. Secure with large pins. For a neater look, tuck any loose hairs behind your ears.

Photography by Karla Conrad. Hairstyling by Kathleen at Penelopie Beauty Bar.