Dyson is Releasing a New Supersonic Hair Dryer

by Faith Brar

Dyson is Releasing a New Supersonic Hair Dryer

Finally hairdryers are getting the makeover they deserve.

Dyson has revolutionized vacuums, hand-drying fans and even air purifiers. It only makes sense that their next adventure would be into the world of hair dryers. “There has been zero innovation in this market for over 60 years,” Sir James Dyson, 68, told the New York Times. Turns out, Dyson has spent the past four years inventing a new contraption that he hopes will change daily hair routines all over the world. What a well-kept secret!

The new hair dryer, known as the Dyson Supersonic, made its debut in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday. It looks nothing like the average hair dryer. It’s equipped with a handle and cord, but the actual dryer is a rounded hollow space shaped like a donut. In fact, it bears a striking resemblance to another innovative Dyson product—the bladeless fan.



via Dyson

The invention comes with a promise of beautiful, healthier hair. According to Wired, engineers spent $71 million and created over 100 patents before settling on the final version of the Supersonic.

With built-in heat sensors, the hairdryer will measure air temperature 20 times per second (!!!) making sure it never gets hot enough to damage your hair. With a price tag of $400, the Supersonic will be one of the most expensive hair drying tools on the market.

Other than its structure, another unique aspect about the dryer will be its lack of sound. Well not entirely, but the Supersonic won’t be make the racket we’re used to hearing while drying our hair. Watch the video below to learn more about how this revolutionary device was created.

Are you thinking of trying one out? Let us know how it goes; we’ll just be over here waiting for a price drop.