The Easiest Sock Bun for Long Hair You’ll Ever Try—No Pins!

by Reagan Breinholt

The Easiest Sock Bun for Long Hair You’ll Ever Try—No Pins!

Ever wondered how some women get a perfectly rounded bun on top of their head? Chances are that hairstyle wasn’t courtesy of a trip to a salon, but a well-placed sock! See how you can master the sock bun look with this simple how-to video.




After sharing a sock bun tutorial a few weeks ago, I thought I would post another version that I love to do. This version is great because you aren’t left with all that excess hair after you’ve hid the sock in your bun, and you don’t need any bobby pins! A bobby pinless bun? Watch and learn, friends!


  1. Find a sock that is similar in color to your hair, and cut the toe out of it.
  2. Roll it up like a donut. (Don’t eat!)
  3. Pull your hair up into a ponytail. I like mine high up, but low looks nice and sophisticated too.
  1. Put your ponytail through the hole of your inedible sock donut.
  2. Pull the sock almost to the end of your ponytail, leaving about two inches of your hair out.
  3. Holding your hair firmly against the sock donut, start rolling the sock with your hair still attached, down towards the base of your ponytail. You’ll cover more of the sock the more you are able to roll.
  4. Once you get to the base of the ponytail, you’ll want to pull the hair to cover any holes in your bun.

You’re all done! And like I said, no need to bobby pin, your bun will be held in place on its own!