Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Give This Messy Chignon a Try

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Give This Messy Chignon a Try

The messy chignon is one of the most versatile updos out there. It's chic and sexy without being over-the-top, making it appropriate for both casual dates and dress-up nights. Plus, it's so easy anyone can do it. Just follow these simple steps for crafting the perfect messy masterpiece.

Messy Chignon

The messy chignon is everywhere—on blogs, in magazines, on the street—and for good reason. Reminiscent of the street scenes of Paris, this look is timeless, pretty and perfect for any event on your calendar. Plus, it's the ideal solution for a bad hair day. Add this 'do to your hair repertoire—you won't be disappointed.

You'll need: a small rubber band, hairpins that match your hair color, and holding hairspray

Messy Chignon Steps 1-2

1. First curl your hair with a large-barrel curling iron. This step is not mandatory, but it's recommended for getting your messy chignon to lay correctly and last for hours. Then part your hair into three sections—left side, right side, and back.

2. Secure the back third of your hair in a ponytail, but leave the ends of your ponytail tucked underneath the elastic. You will be left with a half-shaped donut-looking bun. This technique works for both heavy, thick hair and thin hair because your hair weight and shape are supported by the elastic.

Messy Chignon Steps 3-4

3. Gently fan out the bun so it looks more like a messy ballerina bun.

4. Pin in place, leaving some ends sticking out for a sexy, cool edge.

Messy Chignon Step 5

5. In this look, the sides of the hair were curled and left out of the bun to frame the face. But if you're going for a more polished look, loosely pin them back into the bun.

For more hair tutorials from Maritza Buelvas, go to Beauty For Bloggers. Photography by Will Walker. Model Christine Eduardo.