Eight Ways to Make Your Hair Color Linger Longer

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Eight Ways to Make Your Hair Color Linger Longer

Whether you get your hair carefully and professionally tinted by a master colorist, or you just grab a shade off the drugstore shelf and DIY, hair color never seems to stay as perfect, vibrant, or true as it is when it's freshly done. Within a few weeks, roots and gray hairs begin to break through; brunettes get brassy, reds fade away, and blond hair gets straw-like and dingy. It's no surprise that the way we take care of our hair has a lot to do with how long and how well the color lasts. But don't worry, there are easy methods for preserving that dye job until your next appointment with the beautician (or the box).


Cool It Down



The absolute best way to preserve your hair color doesn’t require you to visit the salon or purchase another product; just wash your hair with cool water rather than with hot. Washing can strip your hair of valuable oils, and hard water can leave mineral deposits. When you use hot water, the hair’s cuticle further opens up , thereby accelerating the process. It’s also a good idea to wash your hair less frequently (every other day is fine), especially if your color is prone to fading.


TIGI S-Factor Color Savvy Sulfate-Free Shampoo



Shampoos that are designed specifically for color-treated hair are gentler than regular shampoos and provide extra moisture. TIGI’s S-Factor is free of sulfates, which can cause color to fade faster. 


Bumble and bumble Blondish Hair Powder



If root growth is a concern, a tinted dry shampoo can lighten or darken roots when sprinkled on the scalp. Since it also absorbs oil and dirt, it cuts down on washes, too.


John Frieda Radient Red Color Magnifying Conditioner



A regular color-safe conditioner seals and protects hair, but a color-depositing conditioner also deposits small amounts of temporary color to enhance natural or dyed hair. Great for redheads and anyone else whose hair is prone to fading. 


Clairol Root Touch-Up



Clairol’s root-covering kits can match any salon or home hair-color shade, and they easily and quickly camouflage growing roots and gray hairs.


Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect Locking Spray



The sun is one of the greatest enemies of color-treated hair. Instead of wearing a hat or staying indoors, spritz your locks with a serum that protects against UV rays, which can dry out and damage hair and fade color. 


L’Oreal Excellence Permanent Hair Color



This Level 3 hair-coloring kit contains a pro-keratine triple protection creme. The creme helps to fight fading and increase shine for rich, radiant and revitalized hair. 


John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze



A glaze (also called a gloss; many companies use the terms interchangeably) adds a boost of demi-permanent pigment to fading color and can also be used on virgin hair to intensify its color for two to four weeks. If you’re uncomfortable doing it at home, or if you want a quick color pick-me-up during a trim, salons also offer glazing/glossing treatments.