Everything You Need to Know About Creating The Perfect Fishtail Braid

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Everything You Need to Know About Creating The Perfect Fishtail Braid

Although these braids look very elegant and complicated, they’re actually quite easy to do.

Why would you want just any old braid when you can have a fishtail braid? Don’t know how to create a fishtail braid? A quick how-to will fix that. 

1. Spritz your hair lightly with water from a spray water bottle (yes, just good old H2O). Make sure you cover all of your hair, but do not get it too wet—just keep it to a light mist. This will make your hair easier to manage.

2. If you want a side braid, brush all of your hair to one side and separate it into two sections. For two side braids, split your hair down the middle, brushing half of it over your left shoulder and half of it over your right shoulder. No matter which style you choose, you’ll always want to separate the hair you’re braiding into two sections, instead of the standard three usually used for braiding.

3. Note: If you want a back braid, you’ll also want to separate your hair into two sections, but you’ll have to do it by feel, which can be kind of hard. You might want to have someone help you in this case.

4. Once you have your hair separated into two sections, you’ll have one section in each hand. Start by letting go of the front section. Use that hand to reach to the back of the front section and bring forward a thin strand of hair. Bring it under the front section and then wrap it over the top of the front section. The size of the strand is up to you—if you use very thin strands (one-quarter inch to one-half inch), you’ll have a different look than if you use thicker strands (about one-half inch to one inch). Have fun and experiment.

5. Grab the strand of hair that you laid over the top of the front section with the index finger of the hand that’s holding the back section. This will keep it in place.

6. Now you want to do the same thing, but in reverse. Re-grab the front section with your free hand and let go of the back section. Now use your free hand to grab a strand of hair from the back of the back section and bring it forward in the same way you did on the other side. Now both strands will be facing the middle (in between the two sections you separated originally). Repeat this process over and over until you have braided almost all of your hair.

7. Seal it off with a small rubber hair band, and you can finally say you know how to create a fishtail braid.