Find the Perfect Prom Beauty Look for You

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Find the Perfect Prom Beauty Look for You

Take control of—and save money on—your prom beauty look by learning to do it yourself. Trust us; it's not as hard as it looks. We've rounded up some of our favorite hair and makeup looks that are easy enough for a hair and makeup novice. Follow along with these videos!


Tips for Amazing Prom Hair



Proper research is essential for all major beauty looks. To get the best results, you have to consider your dress, your hair texture, and your ability as a stylist. Before selecting the style you want to wear at prom, check out these must-have tips from hairstylist Brianne Cummins. 


Bombshell Waves



Big bombshell waves are appropriate for every formal occasion, especially prom! But if you're wearing your hair down, you should do it the right way. Master this curling technique to get beautiful, long-lasting waves.


Faux Short Hairstyle



Want a shorter look for prom? Put the scissors away. This faux short hairstyle is as easy as a loose three-strand braid and some pinning. Plus, this prom hair is stable enough to hold all night, no matter how much dancing you do.


Short Hair Updo



Short-haired ladies, updo hairstyles for prom are not out of reach! With some careful teasing, pinning, and hairspraying, you can get your short locks off of your shoulders in no time. 


Gorgeous Teased Ponytail



When you know what you're doing, a pretty ponytail is perfectly acceptable for a formal event! The most important thing about a prom-worthy pony is volume; so tease your tresses before tying them back. 


Zipper Braid with a Big Bun



The zipper braid is one of the quickest and easiest updo hairstyles for long hair; it's just a French braid that starts at the nape of your neck and stops where your bun starts. If you're having trouble keeping your hair out of the way, try hanging off the side of your bed.


Modern Messy Bun



If your hair has a natural curl, this romantic prom look is perfect for you because it's all about texture, texture, texture. When you're dancing the night away, you don't want to worry about maintaining frizz and flyaways, so embrace your natural texture with this messy bun!


High Fishtail Ponytail



The fishtail braid is all the rage right now, so incorporating one into your prom hair look is a great idea, especially if you have long hair. If you've never fishtail braided before, that's okay. Formal hairstyles for long hair don't have to be complicated!


Braided Hippie Crown Hairstyle



If you want to look more boho than retro or glam, this braided crown hairstyle is a great option to complement any spring or summery gown. It also makes a decent alternative to finding the perfect hair accessory.


Loose Curls



You don't need huge curls to pull off wavy hair. Wrapping loose curls over one shoulder is a perfect way to glam up any look and maximize your hair's volume. Women with long, fine hair, take note: this style is a great option if you want to wear your hair down.


Fishtail Chignon



If the fishtail ponytail isn't your style, you can always coil that braid into a chignon at the nape of your neck or just behind one ear. This look pairs beautifully with strapless or backless dresses. And, bonus, it's much less likely to fall apart by the end of the night than curls or an updo with a lot of bobby pins.


Hair Extensions



Hair extensions can either be one of the best prom hair ideas, or one of the worst. Let's make them the best. Once you have extensions that match your hair color, follow these instructions to clip them in the right way. 


Retro Pin Curls



Vintage is everywhere these days, so why not throwback your prom beauty look with these fun and easy pin curls? The best thing about going retro is individuality. You're absolutely guaranteed to stand out in the crowd!


Classic French Twist



You can't go wrong with a French twist. It's a polished updo that will never go out of style. So if you're looking for a hairstyle that will stand the test of time—and the test of the dance floor—give this pretty 'do a shot.


Big Curls with a Bow



Is there anything better than big, bouncy curls with a bow to match? You can use them to glam up a simple dress or add some texture to a silky-smooth gown. Go girly this prom season with this super-fun hairstyle. 


Tips for Picture-Perfect Prom Makeup



We know you can't think of everything when you're planning your prom beauty look; so let makeup expert Ivy Boyd clue you in on some helpful tips to keep your makeup looking perfect in pictures, on the dance floor, and beyond.


Sophisticated Makeup



Keep your makeup appearing clean and elegant this year with a shimmery—but not glittery—look. If you're going with a classic updo and gown combo, this easy makeup tutorial is a perfect fit for you.


Vintage Look



If you're not interested in a classic makeup look and you have a dress with a retro vibe, try this 1960s look on for size. Complete with winged eyeliner and a bubblegum pink lip, this vintage style is a fun alternative to the prom classics.


Natural Look



If you're not a beauty expert and would prefer to keep things simple, this neutral, dewy look is perfect for you. It'll have you looking picture-perfect and dressed up without feeling like you're wearing a whole bunch of makeup.


Smokey Eye



Prom is the perfect opportunity to try a more dramatic eye look, like a smokey eye. Makeup artist Ivy Boyd will walk you through all the steps you need to achieve a classic smokey eye.