Get the Look: Heidi Klum’s Beautiful Blowout

by admin

Get the Look: Heidi Klum’s Beautiful Blowout

Heidi herself may be not-altogether-human, with her ability to birth four children while maintaining a supermodel body and her ability to lovingly say “You’re out,” but her hair is totally gettable. Here’s how.

At the amfAR Gala in New York, Heidi’s hair was perfect—silky, shiny, full of bounce and movement, and the blunt ends are a fresh, modern touch. 

 Damn, girl. 

1.) Go For Volume
Before a blow-out, you may be tempted to use products designed to sleekify—resist this urge. Most sleekening or shinifying shampoos and conditioners contain silicones that end up weighing hair down, causing it to look limp and behave badly. This is not what you want—you want hair that is as unburdened by product as possible. Use a volumizing cleansing regimen (I like Bumble and bumble Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner, $24 and $25 at Sephora), which is designed to leave as little residue as possible, so your hair can float free.
2.) Avoid Creams, Oils, and Serums
Spritz hair with a lightweight product intended to help set the style and protect it against heat. Use an aerosolized spray like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray ($6.50, drugstores), which lifts and thickens. Once you’re done drying, mist with a very light coat of a shine spray like Sally Hershberger Star Shine ($13 at Folica.com) for extra glossiness. 
3.) Use the Right Brush
Giant round brushes are good for creating giant round curls. For a sleek blowout like Heidi’s, grab a flat paddle brush, preferably with natural bristles.
4.) Dry Fast and Furious
To minimize blow-drying damage, you want to minimize the amount of time your hair comes into contact with heat. Use the highest heat setting and work as quickly as you can until hair is completely dry. High heat + short time is less damaging than medium heat + lots of time.
5.) Finish With a Snip
If you blow-dry hair frequently and like the blunt-end look, get a cut that features those blunt ends. Even then, for special occasions you may need to do a selfie trim to even things out. Worry about having your stylist fix the cut tomorrow…tonight you’re In