Get Your Split Ends Under Control

by admin

Get Your Split Ends Under Control

Spilt ends—no thank you! Let’s get those babies under control! Now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to turn our attention to our neglected locks.

Split ends happen when the protective cuticle on your hair strand is stripped away and the hair shaft dries out. We tend to stress out our tresses in the summer months: the harsh summer sun, dips into chlorine-infested pools, ditched hair appointments, using styling tools like blow-dryers or curling irons too frequently, or even brushing hair while it’s still wet. With cooler temps on the horizon, it’s time to mend those summer strands and transition into fabulous, fall-healthy hair. Here are a few tips to turn split ends and limp, weary locks into luscious tendrils just in time for fall.

  • One of the easiest fixes, get a haircut! I'd recommend having your hairstylist take off more than the usual. Opt for a few inches instead your usual inch or two. This will not only get rid of the split ends, but also will bring life and fullness back to your hair.
  • Another easy fix is to try brushing your hair before you shower. This can help minimize tangles and prevent breakage when you brush you hair post-shower. 
  • Invest in product! After showering, try a detangling, leave-in conditioner like Matrix Total Results Color Care Miracle Lotion Spray or a serum like Keratase Elixir Ultime to protect, strengthen, and nourish your hair. If the conditioners and serums seem to be weighing down your strands, skip your roots and apply them only to the ends.
  • Summer months can leave your hair extremely dry and limp. If this is the case, invest in a good deep conditioning masque like Keratase's Masquintense. They have one for thick hair and one for fine hair. I'd recommend using a masque at least twice a month.
  • Ditch the bleach for fall and go with a high-lift tone. Autumn is all about toning down your hair color so if you have bleached-out highlights, ask your stylist to use a high-lift tone for any blonde highlights. This will not only soften your overall blonde tone, it will help your locks stay super soft since it’s not as harsh on the hair as a peroxide.

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