Go Classically Chic With This Easy French Twist

by Ulrika Edler

Go Classically Chic With This Easy French Twist

A French twist is always ladylike, whether you wear it sleek or messy. Follow these simple steps to create a classic French twist.




A French twist is one of those classic updos that never goes out of style. It’s a hairstyle that can be worn as a formal updo if you make it sleek or as a more casual updo if you make it messy with some texture in your hair. This technique works on medium to long hair. I did it on straight hair but added some dry shampoo to create grip and texture.



easy french twist steps 1-2


1. Spray some dry shampoo on your hair for texture and grip. This step is especially important if you have newly washed hair.



2. Take a good grip of all your hair.



easy french twist steps 3-4


3. Twist it upward. Spread out the hair while you do it, and arrange it nicely. Don’t twist it too tight since we want to hide the ends under it later, but not too loose either since we want the twist to stay in place.



4. Fold the remainder of the hair so it’s next to the twist, and tuck it under.


french twist step 5


5. Secure it with hairpins all the way along the twist.



And, voila! A party-perfect, classic coif that works for any occasion where you want to up the game a bit. Try it for your next holiday party or summer wedding and pin the graphic below for reference later!



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