Gorgeous Prom Updos for Dancing the Night Away

by Hilary Braaksma

Gorgeous Prom Updos for Dancing the Night Away

This year, ditch the stiff buns and too-tight curls and opt for one of these gorgeous updo hairstyles instead.





Loose-Braided Updo





This tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes is the perfect prom updo for long hair. This fairytale-worthy hairstyle is great for almost any style of dress—just be sure to keep your makeup simple and soft, to complement the ultra-feminine hairstyle.





Big Ballerina Bun





There is nothing more sleek than a classic big bun. The style is simple, but the volume and texture make it elegant—the perfect qualities for a gorgeous prom updo. This look from Style Studio will add sophisticated balance to detailed gowns.





Vanessa Hudgens-Inspired Updo





This prom updo, inspired by boho-chic beauty Vanessa Hudgens, looks like a sexier, party-ready version of the French twist. It’s a perfect hairstyle for girls with naturally curly locks like Vanessa’s. Get the full tutorial here.





Short Hair Updo





Short-haired ladies, updo hairstyles for prom are not out of reach! With some careful teasing, pinning, and hairspraying, you can get your short locks off of your shoulders in no time.





High Curly Bun





The Freckled Fox made this as a wedding hair tutorial, but it doubles nicely as a prom updo. The soft curls and mega volume make this look a stunner. Just be sure to wear gorgeous earrings on your prom night because this hairstyle will definitely put them on display!





Twisted Headband-with-Braid Updo





This fun braided and twisted headband prom updo from Join the Mood is a great option for girls who want trendy accents without worrying about keeping accessories in place all night—or worse, trying to find a hair accessory to match a gown perfectly. This easy updo is the perfect mix of detail and subtlety.





Knotted Updo for Short Hair





Short-haired girls aren’t destined to a life of down or half-up hairstyles. This tutorial from Twist Me Pretty is a stylish knotted updo for shorter-length hair. The messy knots and beachy texture will look great with super-sequined gowns.





Carrie Underwood-Inspired Updo





When most of us think famous updos, we think curls, body, and glamour. Carrie Underwood is the queen of updo hairstyles for long hair, which makes this Underwood-inspired look perfect for your prom updo. Get the full tutorial here.





Tuck-and-Cover French Braid and Bun





Missy Sue‘s easy updo proves you can do a gorgeous tuck and cover without showing the headband you use. Perfect for any formal event and flattering for any style of gown, this braided, rolled, and tucked hairstyle is a real winner.





Zipper Braid with a Big Bun





The zipper braid is one of the quickest and easiest updo hairstyles for long hair; it’s just a French braid that starts at the nape of your neck and stops where your bun starts. If you’re having trouble keeping your hair out of the way, try hanging off the side of your bed.





Easy Messy Updo





This flawless, curled prom updo is full of body and texture; a perfect, laidback pair for a super glam gown. Luckily, EBeauty Blog put together a tutorial that makes recreating it simple.





Pretty, Simple Updo





The Small Things Blog offers a gorgeous, low, messy bun full of waves and volume. This style is ideal for girls with hair that is shoulder-length or shorter because it creates the look of tons of hair without the hassle of extensions.





Fishtail Frenzy Updo





The fishtail is one of the trendiest braids out there right now, and one of the best prom updos for long hair. Barefoot Blonde shows her readers how to do this chic and amazingly simple fishtail style.





Modern Messy Bun





If your hair has a natural curl, this romantic prom look is perfect for you because it’s all about texture, texture, texture. When you’re dancing the night away, you don’t want to worry about maintaining frizz and flyaways, so embrace your natural texture with this messy bun!





Simple Knotted Updo





Irrelephant describes this lovely updo as simple, but it looks so intricate and gorgeous that it’s almost hard to believe. The knotted details in this pretty prom hairstyle will look best on light or super-textured hair, which makes it a great pick for blondes, redheads, or super curly-haired girls.





Classic French Twist





You can’t go wrong with a French twist. It’s a polished updo that will never go out of style. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will stand the test of time—and the test of the dance floor—give this pretty ‘do a shot.





Jessica Alba-Inspired Updo





We have never seen a picture of Jessica Alba on the red carpet (or anywhere else, really) that didn’t inspire us! That’s precisely what makes her awards-show hairstyle a shoo-in for your prom updo. Get the full tutorial here.





Retro Bouffant





This retro bouffant updo is a classic, which means it’s sure to flatter any face shape and make your prom pictures swoon-worthy for years to come—unlike cringey, over-hairsprayed styles of the past. Hair and Makeup by Steph walks you through this easy updo step-by-step.





All-Around Braid with Bun





This free-spirited updo from The Shine Project is perfect for finishing off floral gowns or shiny Gatsby-era party dresses. The braided details make it current and trendy, but the swooping style gives this prom hair a fun, retro vibe.





Tips for Amazing Prom Hair





Proper research is essential for all major beauty looks. To get the best results, you have to consider your dress, your hair texture, and your ability as a stylist. Before selecting the style you want to wear at prom, check out these must-have tips from hairstylist Brianne Cummins.