Hair Accessories That Are Perfect For Spring

by admin

Hair Accessories That Are Perfect For Spring

Want to dress up an updo? Stick a doodly in it. Want your hair to look approximately 83 percent more pulled-together? Stick a doodly in it. Don’t know what to do with your hair at all? Stick a doodly in it.

Long ago, my best friend and I christened all girly hair accessories to be “doodlies.” As in, Which doodly do you like better—the peacock feather or the crystal comb? Hair doodlies are a minor obsession, and the great thing about them is that they look great and work in all kinds of hair, in all kinds of styles. Thin hair, thick hair, long and loose, topknot city … all hair looks great with a festive doodly. (Let’s make “doodies,” happen, okay Internet?)
Warm weather is pretty much Doodly Central, since so much spring and summer style is about fighting frizz and humidity with low-maintenance updos. I’m fixin’ to put these doodlies all up in my styles all season long.

Flower Hair Clips—BOOM! Instant spring! These clips come in a veritable rainbow of colors. I nestle them at the base of a top knot, or use them to punch up a messy updo. ($3.95 for two, H&M)
ban.dō Sunburst Bobby Set—Any time you need to create a style or pin back a stray strand, use a pretty bejeweled pin for extra fancy. ($20, Shopbando.com)
Pineapple Clip—This whimsical jaw clip, covered with sparkling Swarovski crystals, will make you feel so much less bedraggled when the weather really heats up. ($19.99, Sohostyle.com)
Jeweled Hummingbird Headband—Put a bird on it! How adorable is this colorful birdy? ($8.50, Claire’s)
Tasha “Stud Muffin” Head Wrap—Soft and stretchy, this headwrap will perk you up and days when your hair lets you down. ($38, Nordstrom)