Hair Bow Tutorial: A Festive Holiday Updo

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Hair Bow Tutorial: A Festive Holiday Updo

Do you have an event or a party to attend this holiday season? Then this hair bow tutorial is exactly what you need!


When you're wrapping a gift, it's the ribbon and bow that make any gift look extra special. This holiday season, use your medium-to-long straight hair to create a pretty hair bow that wows.


Hair Bow Updo Tutorial

1. Make a ponytail in line with the tops of your ears.

2. Take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail, and clip it away for later. Divide the rest of the ponytail into two equal parts.

Hair Bow Updo Tutorial

3. Take one of the two equal parts, and roll it toward the base of the ponytail with the loop facing toward your face.

4. Arrange the loop nicely, and spread it out like half a bow; secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

Hair Bow Updo Tutorial

5. Take the small section clipped aside earlier, and pull it between the two side sections to create the middle of the bow. (Depending on the length of hair, you might have some extra hair. We'll show you what to do with it in step 6.) Secure it with bobby pins.

6. Roll up the end of the hair into a little loop, and hide it in one side of the bow.

Now you have a beautiful hair bow and are ready for any event! 

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