This Hair Brush Straightener Is Perfect For People Who Take Forever To Get Ready

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This Hair Brush Straightener Is Perfect For People Who Take Forever To Get Ready

Seriously, if this really works, we can't even.

As a curly-headed gal, I've learned to be a skeptic in the world of hair straighteners. Remember when the wet-to-dry kind of flat irons came out? My locks mostly definitely fell victim to the early models. So, when I got word about the hair brush straightener — a magical hair brush that straightens as you move through your hair — I was intrigued, but I wasn't totally sold.

While there are several different brands that boast the product, they all have the same promise of significantly cutting down the time spent straightening your hair (which sounds fab, tbh) and creating a much easier and more simple way to tame your tresses. Now, I've been burned by straighteners before (literally), but the Instagram world is seriously loving it.

Dafni was the creator of the original hair brush straightener in 2015 and has since continued to modify the product to give the best possible results. While the original version went for a whopping $300 (yikes!), and while they continue to be on the more costly side, several other brands have since imitated less expensive options. The Revlon Perfect Heat, the Apalus Brush Hair Straightener, and the InStyler Straight Up Brush Straightener are all popular sellers of the product.

While you obviously have to go a bit slower with the brush than it would normally take you to move through your hair, this could potentially be life-changing (or at least let you hit snooze longer in the mornings) for those of us who literally take hours to accomplish the smooth and straight look!

Most of the reviews on these hair straighteners are positive, saying that it cut down their straightening to a fourth of the time and "Best hair product ever!" But there are several that talk about the brushes not being able to get close enough to the scalp and that it can easily leave behind a frizzy mess. However, it's obvious that social media beauties are having a field day with the tool. Check out some of the real-life before-and-after looks and the reactions from people!





The hair brush straightener just could be the next tool in your beauty battle arsenal.