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Phoenix Hair Is The Sexy Beauty Trend That Will Make You Turn Off The Lights

'Glow' for it, we dare you.

We honestly thought that we had seen it all when it came to neon hair trends, but by dreaming up a sophisticated take on glow-in-the-dark hair, colorist Guy Tang has abruptly shined a light (quite literally) on our obvious naivety.


👽 who loves this 2016 hair trend?! #glowinthedarkhair #2016 #hairtrend #beauty

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By day, what he refers to as "phoenix hair" could be considered your typical neon hair (if neon hair could even be considered "typical"), but under a black light it literally glows in the dark, and we would be lying if we said we weren't completely obsessed.




Change your nights out...!!! Stands out from the crowd..!! #fluorescenthair #clubbinghair #rave #glowinthedarkhair

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Tang used Kenra Professional Neon Colors to create the fluorescent, rainbow locks, but there are several options you can use that range from temporary to more permanent dyes!


#glowinthedarkhair #beautifulrainbow🌈 #coloredhair #colorful

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💋 #Blacklight Shenanigans with @feetishspa & @misheledimariadesigns = TRIPPY LIPPY 💋

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"Phoenix hair" refers to the mythical bird that is said to have periodically risen from its own ashes in order to obtain new life, and Tang uses the term to remind us of the reawakening power that beauty and confidence can bring with them. *insert all of the heart emojis*


🐙 #luminescent 🐙

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💥 #blacklight #fireworks 💥 in honor of #fourthofjuly 💥 💋💙🇺🇸💙💋

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Neon Pixie for @pulpriothair #hairgodpulpriot #pulpriothair #neonhair #glowinthedarkhair

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Check out Guy Tang's full tutorial and look in the video below, you won't believe your eyes.



Hannah Marsh

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