Hair How-To: The Deconstructed Bohemian Braid

by admin

Hair How-To: The Deconstructed Bohemian Braid

From Rachel Zoe's Spring 2014 Runway Show.

Braids are still all the rage, and when I saw Rachel Zoe's jet-set/safari collection shown at New York Fashion Week with those amazing deconstructed braids, I knew I had to replicate her look. Check out my easy "get the look" video tutorial and follow my steps below to recreate this look.

  1. Prep your hair by adding a volumizing product like Volumizing Mist by Oribe to your towel-dried hair. Then blow dry the hair, working it in the opposite direction that your hair is going to lay for maximum volume. Give it additional texture by curling sections with a 1 1/4-inch curling iron. 
  2. Clip the top and front sections away for later. You want to leave a large section of the hair starting just below the crown for the braid you’re going to make. Weave the remaining hair into a very loose French braid, picking up pieces from the side as you work your way down the back, and secure the ends with an elastic.
  3. Release your top section.  Lightly tease the hair with a comb for a rough, boho texture and then spritz with hairspray.
  4. Loosely divide the hair in three sections, backcombing with your fingers to loosen the locks, and then gently twist about half way down each section and add to the French braid, securing with bobby pins near the start of the braid. You should have chunks of the hair sections dangling loose when you’re done, so don’t try tucking the ends in completely. 
  5. Take the remaining hair and create three small braids from the sections. Once you secure the ends of the mini braids with elastics, you can massage the braids to loosen them up and create more texture. This look isn’t about crisp perfection!
  6. Now, take each one of your mini braids and tuck them into the larger French braid. Once you have woven them through the larger braid, remove the elastics from the small braids and add into the elastic used to hold the thicker braid.
  7. Spray the entire braid with a bit of hairspray and massage the hair out of the large French braid, loosening the woven hair. This is key to getting the super deconstructed look Rachel Zoe’s models wore down the runway.
  8. Finish off the look by adding another round of hairspray to the entire style while massaging the top of your hair with your palms to create wispy pieces around the face.

There you have it, an easy way to achieve runway-worthy locks!

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