Hair How-To: Front-Facing Fishtail Braid

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Hair How-To: Front-Facing Fishtail Braid

Give the common fishtail braid some extra flair by inverting the braid forward with this fun and easy technique.

This inverted fishtail braid works best if you have some texture, wave, or curl in your hair. If you don't have texture, try adding some waves with a clipless curling iron. Hair with extra body will create a thicker braid and help the fishtail braid drape nicely toward the front of your face. Here's how I did it:

1. Create a very high ponytail and secure with an elastic. To create extra volume and a high ponytail, trace the crown of your hair with a root lifting volume enriching spray. My all-time favorite is She's A Tease by Not Your Mother's. Start at the base of the ponytail and begin creating a tight fishtail braid. Here's a great tutorial to teach you the basics. Braiding with tension creates texture and allows for fullness and dimension later when you pull at the sides of the braid. Once you've braided all the hair, secure with an elastic.

2. Start pulling at the sides of the braid, through the entire length to create fullness and to make the braid as thick as it can be. Pay extra attention to the base of the braid, making it as wide as possible. A thicker base will allow for a more boho look and allow your braided ponytail to lay forward with ease.

3. Lay the ponytail forward facing and stick bobby pins vertically at the base of the ponytail to secure the fishtail to the top part of your head, allowing you (and others) to view the textured fishtailing from the front. This reduces movement of the ponytail. Finish with firm holding hairspray. I like this one a lot.

4. If you want to create a bit more interest and not have an exposed rubber band, tease the ends of the ponytail to create fullness, texture and hold. This teasing will allow you to add in a few bobby pins to the bottom of your fishtail to secure its hold, width and volume without having to secure the ends with a rubber band. This added step creates interest and perks up your hairstyle's boho-chic vibe. Wear as-is or add in a floral accent like a flower pin or floral headband. This one is really cute.

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Photography by Natalie Probst.