Hair How-To: A High Ponytail That Won’t Fall

by Maritza Buelvas

Hair How-To: A High Ponytail That Won’t Fall

This high ponytail is playful, sexy, and full of body! Use these tips and tricks to make yours look pretty and fresh throughout the day.



Ever wonder how some girls can rock a high ponytail that holds its style all day? This easy, three-step tutorial will show you how. This technique creates a lot of body, making this a good style choice for girls with thinner hair. Here’s how to do it.




High Ponytail Step 1



1. Tease your crown with a teasing comb to create lift at the root. A teasing comb like this is also great for grabbing all your fine, baby hairs and securing them in your ponytail. Next, make a mini ponytail at the crown and secure it with an elastic. The back and sides of your hair should remain outside this mini ponytail.



High Ponytail Step 2



2. Gather the back portion under the mini ponytail. Use the teasing comb at the nape of the neck for a fuller look and to prevent baby hairs from falling when your high ponytail is formed. Secure with a second elastic band.



High Ponytail Step 3



3. Gather the sides and join them with your existing ponytail to form your high ponytail. Use the teasing comb to tease your sides a bit before gathering them into final ponytail. Secure it with a third elastic. Now the weight of your hair won’t be able to pull down on your ponytail.


Secure your look in place with firm, flexible hair spray, and you’re free to dance, run, work, or party the day away in a carefree, high ponytail. What girl doesn’t love that?


For more styles by Maritza, go to Beauty for Bloggers. Modeling and photography by Christina Slaton.