Hair How-to: Low Ponytail with an Accent Bow

by Ulrika Edler

Hair How-to: Low Ponytail with an Accent Bow

For a perfect date-night look all year long, upgrade a basic low ponytail with a chic bow—no ribbon required! In fact, six easy steps are all it takes for this simple yet glamorous take on the classic low ponytail.


Low Ponytail with a Bow


This low ponytail with a bow is an adorable hairstyle that’s perfect to wear on a dinner date, to an afternoon wedding, or any day you have extra time in the morning. While we’re a huge fan of a loosely curled low ponytail—the curls make it feminine and romantic—the bow is a cute and unexpected touch. Dress it up with a feminine dress, or go with jeans and a T-shirt for a more casual look.


Follow these simple steps to achieve the look:


Steps 1-2


1. Put all your hair in a low ponytail. Use an elastic band in the same color as your hair so it blends in. If you didn’t already curl your hair, you have the option of curling the ponytail now.


2. Take a piece of hair from each side of the ponytail.


Steps 3-4


3. Join the pieces, and secure them with a small clear elastic or a small elastic that matches your hair. Don’t pull all the hair through—instead create a loop, leaving some of the hair in a shorter tail.


4. Separate the loop into two parts to create a bow shape. If necessary, fan out the two parts to make it more bow-like. Arrange it as neatly as possible.


Steps 5-6


5. Use bobby pins to secure the bow to your head. Taking a bobby pin, pin the hair from up to down inside the bow, and use another bobby pin to pin it from down to up, also inside the bow. Use as many bobby pins as needed.


6. Take the end of hair that is left over from the bow, place it over the middle of the bow, and secure it under the bow using bobby pins.


Now you have a low ponytail with a cute bow that’s ready to rock at the office or out on the town. For more hair tutorials like this one, visit Ulrika at Yet Another Beauty Site.