Hair How-To: Michael Kors Romantic Updo From NYFW

by admin

Hair How-To: Michael Kors Romantic Updo From NYFW

Who doesn't love a good soft romantic updo? Well, that's exactly how models for the Michael Kors spring 2014 runway show wore their hair during NYFW. I chose this look to replicate because it's very wearable for the everyday women. It's sexy yet soft, with a touch of that second day hair feel to it. Follow my easy step-by-step directions below and watch my latest hair tutorial video to get the full how-to directions for this style.


  1. Start by using a volumizing mist like Oribe Volumista Mist. Apply generously and blow-dry it in for lots of texture and volume. Add shine to your ends with a product like Touche Finale by Keratase.
  2. Create a few waves by using a 1" barrel curling iron. Once the hair is curled, spritz with spray wax while using a blow dryer on high heat setting for a day-after texture.
  3. Clip the section of hair in front of the ears away for later.
  4. Backcomb your hair with your fingers and create a loose ponytail, securing it with an elastic.
  5. Now take the hair that’s left out of ponytail, fold it in half and drape over the ponytail creating a messy bun. Use an elastic to hold the droopy bun in place.
  6. Next, use a few bobby pins to pin the hair from your bun so it's sitting up higher on your head and is secured in place. This part is more visual so have some fun! It's OK for some hair to fall out.
  7. Drop one side of the front section, lightly backcomb with your fingers, twist the ends of some strands and pull back into the bun, pinning the ends into place. Repeat this technique on the other side.
  8. Spray any remaining hair with a bit of spray wax and loosely pull back the too-long tendrils, pinning them in place as well.
  9. Finish off this look with a medium-hold hairspray.

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