Hair How-Tos: 5 Chic DIY Updos to Try

by Mark Garrison

Hair How-Tos: 5 Chic DIY Updos to Try

With the holiday season comes parties, dinners, and photos galore. Celebrate the season in style with these five DIY updos that are perfect for this season or any special occasion.


French Twist Step 1



Gather hair into a ponytail between crown and nape, but don’t anchor it.

Hairstyle in a Hurry: A 5-Minute Updo


French Twist Step 2



Twist the ponytail all around, twice.

Easy Day to Night Hairstyle


French Twist Step 3



Tuck ends into twist and secure with bobby pins. Smooth out the rest of the hair by carefully brushing over the twist and securing strays.

Easy Day to Night Hairstyle



French Twist Finished Style



The French twist is good for all face shapes, since you can customize by adjusting hair volume to flatter face shape.

Hairstyle How-To: Holiday Hair Bow


Chignon Step 1



Collect hair into a ponytail at nape of neck and secure with a clear or hair-colored elastic.


Chignon Step 2



Pull the ponytail through a chignon pillow (found at beauty supply stores).

Half-Up Retro Holiday Hairstyle


Chignon Step 3



Wrap hair around the pillow.

Hairstyle How-To: Half Moon Updo


Chignon Step 4



Secure with bobby pins.


Chignon Step 5



For a sophisticated and clean look, slick hair back. For a more romantic look, try a sideswept front.

Holiday Hairstyle: Looped Fishtail Updo


Chignon Finished Style



This elegant style is slimming for round faces, especially when volume is added at the crown to elongate the face.


Loose Waves Step 1



Separate hair into small sections, and curl hair with a one-inch curling iron.

On-the-Go Updo: The Rope Braid Hairstyle


Loose Waves Step 2



Take random pieces and secure to crown with bobby pins. Leave some soft loose pieces in the front to frame face.

Get the Look: Julianne Hough Hairstyle


Loose Waves Finished Style



This style works for just about any face shape. Adjust curls to flatter yours.

Party Bun Video Tutorial


Star Fire Pony Step 1



Use a straightening balm to help you smooth out hair and add hold. Gather all hair for a ponytail at the crown of head, and secure with a clear or hair-colored elastic.

Easy Updo Inspired by Lauren Conrad


Star Fire Pony Step 2



Divide the ponytail into small sections. Twist each section and pin at the base of the ponytail, letting the ends stick out. Smooth strays with pomade or silicone.

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Star Fire Pony Finished Style



This style if not recommended for long face shapes, but works just fine for round faces.

Cinnamon Roll Braided Updo How-To


Braid Bun Step 1



Create a tight ponytail with a clear or hair-colored elastic.

Wear This Hair: A Simple Braided Beauty


Braid Bun Step 2



Divide ponytail into three equal sections, braid, and secure with an elastic at the end.

Low Messy Side Bun


Braid Bun Step 3



Pulling it above its base, wrap the braid around itself, securing the edges to the head with bobby pins. Flatten any flyaways with hair pomade and finish with hairspray.

Hair How-To: Braided Crown Hairstyle


Braid Bun Finished Style



This funky style works for round, square, or oval faces, but adds too much height for long faces.

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