Hair Marbling Is Bringing Tie Dye To Your Tresses

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Hair Marbling Is Bringing Tie Dye To Your Tresses

Hairstylist Ash Fortis was inspired by nail art to create this totally psychadelic hair-marbling look for your locks.

Virginia Beach-based hairstylist Ash Fortis spent years getting inspiration for hair colors from oh-so-creative nail art. So when the marbling techniques became huge in the world of manciure art, Fortis took the time to perfect the same swirly result on her customer's heads, and by Instagram's reactions, she has definitely mastered it.


When you step outside of your comfort zone your stepping into your greatness. Tag someone who inspires you!!! 💗💗#hairmarbling

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Not only is hair marbling a totally psychedelic tie-dye look for your hair, but it's completely random and totally unique to each person. We're all about individuality and you doing you, so how fun is that?!

Similar to water marbling on nails, the rainbow colors aren't applied directly to the hair, itself. To get the look, acording to Allure, Fortis applies a layer of shaving ream onto foam mesh strips called Embee Meche.

Next, she put drops of different complementry colors of Pulp Riot hair dye on top of the shaving cream, and then proceeded to trace figure-8 shapes into the mixture with the back of her color brush. This step creates the swirled, marble-like design that the look is known for. After swirling, Fortis presses the design onto a small section of platinum-blonde hair and places a clear Embee Meche on top.


After the whole head is covered with color, Forte lets the dye process for a bit before washing out. The result is a totally unique, tie-dye look that will have you looking bold, fierce, and totally fearless. You'll definitely want to head to a salon to try this look out on your own, and be sure to show your stylist some of your favorites from Fortis' Instagram account!