Hair Plopping Is The Easiest Way To Achieve Perfect Curls

by Hannah Marsh

Hair Plopping Is The Easiest Way To Achieve Perfect Curls

Without using damaging heat products and wasting plenty of precious time, curly hair can be tough to manage. Hair plopping is the latest (and easiest!) way to manage your curls and get perfect locks every single time.


Dear curly-haired ladies, let’s take a second to be totally honest with ourselves: Our coils are both a blessing and a curse. While the final result after primping and pampering those ringlets is the kind of look most people only dream of, keeping your curls healthy, manageable, and frizz-free is truly a state of constant chaos.

You might have one day of absolutely perfect and on-point hair, but even if you do the exact same thing the next day, there’s no guarantee that it will look anywhere near the same. But alas, put away that blow dryer and diffuser because thanks to a revelation in the beauty industry, not all hope is lost.


When your hair is wet, it’s easy to rock smooth and defined curls, but it is the time between your curls’ wet and dry states that will ultimately decide its fate for the day. This is where a method called hair plopping comes in. Overlooking the not-so-flattering name, hair plopping is the perfect technique for those with curly hair to ward off frizz, boost volume, and define your ringlets all without using any damaging heat — truly the stuff of our curlicue dreams.


What is hair plopping?


Instead of a traditional terry cloth towel, which tends to absorb too much moisture, hair plopping uses either a microfiber towel or a long-sleeved, cotton t-shirt to wrap around your head. This technique allows your curls to essentially scrunch themselves in an accordion-like fashion, which helps them dry more quickly compared to air-drying, all while keeping your fingers off of those curls, which causes it to frizz in the first place!


The idea has been around for a couple of years, but is quickly gaining popularity as more and more curly-headed folk are able to achieve the perfect ringlets without spending a ton of money or a ton of time.


How do you do it?


Hair plopping is so easy to execute, even if you tend to be less-than-talented at styling hair.


To start, wring out any excess water from your shower and grab your favorite curly hair products. For an everyday look, I opt for a leave-in conditioner and a smoothing oil (or a combination formula like Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream) to keep my curls touchable and frizz-free. Then I follow up with a styling mousse (Try: Sebastian Professional Form Styling Mousse) for defined and under control locks throughout the day.


After applying product evenly throughout damp hair, grab a long-sleeved, cotton t-shirt, and lay it out on a large, flat surface (a bed or a chair works great!) with the arms facing you. Lean over the shirt and gently place your head against the surface, positioning your hair so that all the curls are gathered in the center of the shirt.


Next, grab the bottom sides of the shirt and wrap them around the nape of your neck. If they are long enough to tie, feel free to secure them with a knot! Then, bring the top of the shirt back toward your head to cover the rest of your hair.


To finish, bring the sleeves down and around the nape of your neck, and stand upright to tie them in a knot at the front of your head. Some ploppers (can we call them that?) choose to leave their hair up for a half hour, two hours, and some even let it dry overnight. The decision is yours to decide which works best for your locks! Whenever you’re ready, take the cloth off and let down your perfectly healthy and frizz-free spirals. Gorgeous curls have never been easier, people.


Good luck, and happy hair plopping!