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8 Quick Morning Fixes for Greasy Hair

I'm the queen of dirty hair. It's a fact I'm strangely proud of because, most of the time, people are surprised when they learn I rarely wash my locks more than twice a week. My aversion to the long, drawn out shampoo-condition-detangle-blow-and-style process has pushed me to develop a stockpile tips for how to get rid of greasy hair. Next time you're feeling less than motivated, try one of these tried and true techniques for a greasy hair fix and leave people impressed by your style savvy. Spoiler: Sometimes it is even better to embrace the shine.

Greasy Hair Fix: Dry Shampoo It

bottle of living proof dry shampoo for greasy hair fix

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This fast greasy hair fix soaks up oil and removes product buildup quicker than you can order a tall latte. Apply dry shampoo on greasy roots and strands, rub it in, and brush it out. Bonus: It lightens up roots, too. Our favorite dry shampoo right now is this Living Proof Perfect Hair Day.

Get it! Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, Sephora, $23

Photo: Sephora

Greasy Hair Fix: Hide It with a Headband

plaid wrap headband for a greasy hair fix on a woman

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A thick, scarf-like headband covers up oily roots and tops off locks with a pop of style. Pick up a few on the cheap, like this adorable patterned one by Forever 21, or just use some of those scarves you already have piled up at home.

Get it! Floral Glen Plaid Twist Headband, Forever 21, $3.90

Photo: Forever 21

Greasy Hair Fix: Go Sleek

soft hair elastics as a greasy hair fix

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Don't worry about how to get rid of greasy hair. Instead, make that grease work for you by embracing a slicked-back look. Create a side part, tame flyaways with hair spray, and tie tresses back in a low pony or braid. Use made-for-hair elastics that match your hair color to keep the look pulled-together instead of post-workout.

Get it! Kitsch Soft Neutral Hair Ties, Forever 21, $7.50

Photo: Forever 21

Greasy Hair Fix: Channel The Royals

classic beret from topshop for a greasy hair fix

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If Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have given us anything, it's the guts to embrace more daring hats. Try the latest trends and hide less-than-fab greasy hair. Outside? Try a straw Panama hat like Meghan. Going out? Surprise your posse with a fascinator style. Go for the trends and embrace a cool-weather fedora like the ones walking the Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana runways, or look tres chic in a classic beret. We particularly are swooning over this style from Topshop.

Get it! Topshop Plain Beret, Topshop, $22

Photo: Topshop

Greasy Hair Fix: Embrace The Kardashian Wet Hair Look

kim kardashian wet hair look as a greasy hair fix

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Don't be asking how to get rid of greasy hair; be asking how to slay it. Kim Kardashian West blew up the red carpet when she rocked hair that looked like she just stepped out of the shower and still looked fabulous. Embrace the grease by going full Kardashian wet hair look by applying sea salt spray (we love Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray), then mousse (our pick: Living Proof Thickening Mousse), then gel on your roots and ends (seriously, we veer toward men's gel with this look, the Dove Men+Care), then an oil serum (check out MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine), and finally, finish up with a blow dry.

Photo: Getty Images

Greasy Hair Fix: Bang It Out

woman with bangs

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This is hands down the best beauty advice I’ve ever received: If hair’s looking a little too greasy, just do a quick shampoo of the bangs, either leaning over the sink or with the rest of your hair pinned back in the shower. The result? A look as fresh as if you’d washed your whole head. Our favorite shampoo for that greasy hair fix? Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, which gets rid of all that buildup your hair is hiding and is a great overall oily hair remedy.

Greasy Hair Fix: Braid It

woman wearing a braid as a greasy hair fix

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Nothing keeps hair in place better than your own oil, so put that grease to work and rock a side braid. Starting on one side of the forehead, braid hair across, to the other side of the face, and pin the end back behind the ear.

Photo: Pete Bellis | Unsplash

Greasy Hair Fix: Create a Distraction

tiny sunglasses from le spec

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If all else fails, distract from not-quite-hot locks with an attention-grabbing accessory, like these tiny sunglasses with a little heart surprise from Le Specs, or the white-out wonders from Quay. A "wow" product like these hot, hot, hot frames with a modern twist will distract from any ’do disaster. They'll be so in love with your style that they'll assume a little hair grease is just on trend.

Get it! Adam Selman x Le Specs Luxe The Heartbreaker Sunglasses (top), Nordstrom, $119; Quay Australia x Desi Perkins Don't @ Me Sunglasses (bottom), Nordstrom, $65


Photo: Nordstrom

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