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Ouai Sun Of A Beach Spray Is A Sun-In Product You Will Swear By

All the brassy horrors of your childhood will be forgotten when you upgrade to Ouai’s Sun of a Beach Lightening Spray.

As the seasons change so does our hair. The darker hair colors we donned in the winter no longer fit the fit with the vibes of our sundresses and sandals. It’s time to transition to a lighter and brighter look, now now, we aren’t suggesting anything drastic. Put down the bleach and reach instead for Ouai’s latest summer product, Sun of a Beach spray.

Prepare to make room in your beach bag for this hair lightening holy grail spray. Blondes and brunettes alike will be able to get lighter locks without the fear of dreaded brassy copper strands. This product will work with existing lighter strands already in your hair to give you a coveted summer glow. Think of it like the Sun In formula of the ’90s, but without the orange.

Ouai Sun of a Beach Lightening Spray

What makes this product so special? What it’s made of. It contains key ingredients of a lemon-pineapple juice blend that gradually lightens the hair when receiving sun exposure, combined with coconut water that nourishes and hydrates those lightening strands. Say goodbye to hay textured hair days of your past!

Ouai Sun of a Beach Lightening Spray

And as you might have guessed it, this lightening spray smells amazing. Think: beach vacation in a bottle. This scent (dubbed Ouai No. 6) is a delicious blend of Fijian coconut and pineapple, so every hair flip and summer breeze will have you exuding tropical bliss. Ideal for keeping your beauty routine simple, just spritz and go with your hair and perfume done.

Ouai Sun of a Beach Lightening Spray

Sun of a Beach Spray, Ouai, $24

Ready to take a trip to Sun of a Beach Spray paradise? Mark your calendars for May 1st when this product of the summer drops. Happy lightening.

Sidney Burds

Sidney is an Editor at and the University of Northern Iowa is her alma mater. She's a fashion connoisseur who enjoys vintage clothing, flea market furniture and anything wicker. Currently she's pushing the boundaries for how many cacti can fit into her studio apartment.

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Ouai Sun Of A Beach Spray Is A Sun-In Product You Will Swear By
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