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Temp-Tresses: Eleven Natural-Looking Hair Extensions

Some days I feel like wearing my hair long, loose, and luxurious. Some days I wish it were a short, choppy bob. Sometimes I want it to be curly; some days I wish it were straight. Brown, blond, long, short—it's a great injustice that we can't change hairstyles as readily as we change shoes or lipstick. Tha's where extensions come in. Hairpieces, falls, and other faux follicular add-ons that create bigger, thicker, and longer locks aren't just for old ladies and your bald Uncle Morty. For the girl who's impatient to grow out a short cut or who just can't make up her mind, there are tons of great ways to fake it.

HairUWear HairDo Clip-In Extensions

1 / 11


Lengthen short- to medium-length straight hair easily with this single-piece clip-in from Jessica Simpson and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. You can style the acrylic fiber extensions with heated tools just as you would with regular hair, and it comes in sixteen colors to ensure you get a perfect match.

Jon Renau EasiVolume Human Hair Volumizer

2 / 11


This single-piece extension clips into the middle of your hair to make it look and feel fuller. The eighteen-inch piece can be styled, cut, and colored alongside existing hair. ($255,

Raquel Welch Human Hair Extension Kit

3 / 11


To add length and volume to any style, this set of eight 100 percent human-hair extensions fastens in strategically with comfortable pressure-sensitive clips. Since it’s natural hair, it can also be chemically colored or permed (by a professional stylist). ($266,

Put On Pieces Human-Hair Headband Fall

4 / 11


To lengthen shorter hair, or to add volume and layers to long hair, this twenty-two-inch fall is attached to a headband for easy placement and removal. The piece comes with interchangeable headbands and can be dyed and styled for a custom look. ($180, Wig Outlet)

Revlon Spare Hair Twist Hairpiece

5 / 11


This easy-to-wear elasticized band adds volume and texture to updos and comes in six colors.) ($10.99,

Dancing with the Stars Flirtini Slip-in Comb Ponytail

6 / 11


Amp up the volume of any ponytail with this slide-in synthetic fall attached to an easy-to-insert comb. The real-feeling fibers can be styled into a curly do with heat implements or left straight. The ponytail comes in twelve colors. ($39, Amazon)

John Renau EasiLites Clip-in Color

7 / 11


These human hair extensions clip in easily for a playful pop of color. Purchase them in bright shades like pink, blue, purple, red, green, yellow, and white. ($8.95,

HairDo Braided Chignon

8 / 11


To transform short hair into an elegant updo, clip this intricately styled chignon to the crown of the head or the nape of the neck. It looks and feels just like real hair and comes in eleven multidimensional colors.) ($25, Amazon)

Put on Pieces Clique Clip-on Hairpiece

9 / 11


Worn one way, this synthetic hairpiece is a straight, sleek bob. Reversed, it’s a longer and wavier layered look. ($35,

Hairdo Clip-In Bangs

10 / 11


Insert this attachment to get the look of bangs without any of the commitment. Available in nine colors.

Henry Margu Sensation Hairpiece

11 / 11


Interlocking combs keep this fall in place and help it add volume, lift, and length to medium to long hair. ($75,

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