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This French Fishtail Braided Side Bun Is The Only Hair Tutorial You Need For Summer

Tired of flat ponytails and basic buns in warm summer weather? Try this super-easy, super-cute French fishtail braid and side bun.

Warm weather calls for getting your hair up and away from your face—but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a basic bun. This French fisthail braid with a bun is a super pretty updo perfect for hot, humid summer days—whether you're hitting up outdoor concerts or lowkey backyard BBQs. This hairstyle works on shoulder length to long hair, and on all hair textures. And the best part? It's as easy as it is pretty!

Follow these steps:

French Fishtail Bun: Steps 1-2

1. Make a side part. Start on the heavy side (the side with the most hair) by picking up a small piece of hair and dividing it into two pieces.

2. Start your French fishtail braid. Take a small piece of hair from the lower part and cross it over to the other side.

French Fishtail Bun: Steps 3-4

3. Take a small piece of hair from the upper part and cross it over to the other side.

4. Now take a small piece of hair from the lower side again and cross it over to the upper side, then pick up some hair from next to where you took the first hair and cross also this over to the upper side. Continue like this, adding hair on both sides.

French Fishtail Bun: Steps 5-6

5. When you reach the area behind your ear gather all the hair together and secure it in a ponytail with an elastic.

6. Now make a side bun by twisting the ponytail and rolling it around the base. Secure your bun in place with bobby pins.

French Fishtail Bun: Final

And you're done!

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Ulrika Edler

Ulrika Edler is the creator of Yet Another Beauty Site, a site about beauty and fashion and with a passion for hair! As a certified makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and with training in hairstyling, she loves to share some tips and tricks and to do step-by-step tutorials. She mostly does the hair tutorials on her own hair but sometimes she convinces her sweet daughter to be her model to show some hairstyles for kids!

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