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Give This Diagonal Double Lace Braid a Try

What could be better than a pretty lace braid updo? A double lace braid updo, of course! This hairstyle has all the intricacy of a four-strand braid without any of the tangled fingers. Give it a try before work or a dinner out on the town.


We love hairstyles like this; they're wearable, pretty, and only appear complicated. In reality, if you can Dutch-braid, this double diagonal lace braid is completely within reach. It looks pretty but not overdone, so it's as perfect for a day of errands as it is for a summer party. Pair it with a pretty dress anytime you want to look effortlessly put together but chic. Just follow the steps below.

Double Diagonal Lace Braid: Steps 1-2

1. Part your hair in a diagonal part, and secure the two sections (upper and lower) out of the way. You may want to use a hair clip.

2. Take the upper section of the hair, and divide it into three equal parts.

Double Diagonal Lace Braid: Steps 3-4

3. Start with a Dutch braid. You do that by crossing the left strand under the middle strand and then the right strand under the middle strand.

4. After the first stitch, transition to a lace braid by incorporating hair from the left side into the braid. Continue like this until there is no more hair in this section to incorporate. Then braid normally a few times, and secure the braid temporarily with an elastic.

Double Diagonal Lace Braid: Steps 5-6

5. Release the lower section of hair. Again, start by dividing the section into three parts and braiding one stitch of a Dutch braid. Start as close to the first braid as possible.

6. Transition to a lace braid; this time only incorporate hair from the right side of the braid. Once you've run out of hair to incorporate, secure the braid temporarily with an elastic.

Double Diagonal Lace Braid: Steps 7-8

7. Gently pull on the sides of the two braids to make them bigger and more voluminous.

8. Use bobby pins to pin the two braids close to each other.

Double Diagonal Lace Braid: Steps 9-10

9. Secure the two braids together with a third elastic. Then remove the two temporary elastics.

10. Wrap a section of hair from your ponytail around the elastic until it is covered entirely by your hair. Pin in place.

That's all it takes! For more tutorials like this, visit Ulrika at Yet Another Beauty Site!

Ulrika Edler

Ulrika Edler is the creator of Yet Another Beauty Site, a site about beauty and fashion and with a passion for hair! As a certified makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and with training in hairstyling, she loves to share some tips and tricks and to do step-by-step tutorials. She mostly does the hair tutorials on her own hair but sometimes she convinces her sweet daughter to be her model to show some hairstyles for kids!

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