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Half-Up Retro Holiday Hairstyle

Bring Old-Hollywood glam to your holiday looks with this sexy, retro hairstyle. Pair this bombshell hair with a sparkling holiday dress, red lipstick, and mistletoe.


Start this retro hairstyle by backcombing your entire crown in 1-inch sections. Next smooth out your hair by running the tail of the comb through any sections that got a bit too va-va-voom. Then grab a section of hair above either ear and cross it behind your head. Pin it behind your head doing your best to hide the pins beneath your hair for a sleeker style. Repeat on the other side, so you look like you have a half-up hairstyle. Finally, mist with hairspray to seal your statement style.

Reagan Breinholt

Reagan is a hairdresser and blogger living in New York City.

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