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Mermaid Ponytail with a Bungee Video Tutorial

Channel your inner mermaid with a wavy side ponytail. Try this easy hairstyle and learn how to use a bungee to secure your ponytail.


Gather all of your waves into one hand in a lower side ponytail. Use your other hand to pull gently at the roots at your crown to give to hairstyle some lift, and pull some hair down in front to frame your face. Now it's the fun part—bungee time! To use a bungee secure one side into your hair, and then wrap the cord around the ponytail a couple of times. After the bungee is tightly wrapped around your hair, stick the other side into the base of your ponytail. Finally, wrap a small section of hair around the bungee. Now you know why life is better under the sea.

Reagan Breinholt

Reagan is a hairdresser and blogger living in New York City.

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