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Pro Tips for Using a Flat Iron

Go sleek and straight without torturing your hair. With these tricks for straightening your hair with a flat iron you can navigate frizzy days, curls, and waves.


Don't fear the heat—these tips take your look to fierce, not fried. Start by running a dime-size serving of argan oil through the lower half of your hair. Run a comb through sections of your hair as you straighten it. This helps smooth the hair as your straighten it lowering the number of times you'll have to run the flat iron through your hair. Keep your hair's natural volume by tapping the straightener at the roots instead of pressing and pulling it to the ends. Strut your stuff with this hairstyle knowing you look good and didn't hurt your hair to get it.

Reagan Breinholt

Reagan is a hairdresser and blogger living in New York City.

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