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Spring into the Season with This Flower Hair Bun

You don't need to use fake flowers to get your hair ready for spring! This flower hair bun is an easy, adorable way to sport the floral motif even if there aren't flowers on the ground yet.

Spring is fast approaching. And before long, everything will be in bloom, even your hair! This beautiful flower hair bun is the perfect look for the upcoming season. Plus, it's pretty, wearable, and easy to do. Before you get started, I recommend doing this hairstyle with some curls or waves in your hair. It's a great hairstyle for second-day curls. Just follow these easy steps:


1. Pull your hair into two low, loose ponytails. Use small elastics the same color as your hair or clear ones.

2. Braid one ponytail into a normal three-strand braid.


3. Pull on the outer side of the braid to create volume on one side. This will be the petals of the flower.

4. Now braid the other ponytail, and pull on the outer side of the braid — the opposite side of the previous braid.


5. Take the first braid, and roll it into a bun at the nape of the neck and in the middle of the head. The side you pulled on to create volume should be on the outer edge. Pin in place.

6. Take the other braid, and roll it around the first one. The pulled-out side of the braid should, again, be on the outer edge. Pin in place.

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Ulrika Edler

Ulrika Edler is the creator of Yet Another Beauty Site, a site about beauty and fashion and with a passion for hair! As a certified makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and with training in hairstyling, she loves to share some tips and tricks and to do step-by-step tutorials. She mostly does the hair tutorials on her own hair but sometimes she convinces her sweet daughter to be her model to show some hairstyles for kids!

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