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Super Sexy Double Ponytail

Rock this double-decker ponytail and add a little pep to your step. This playful look also help make your hair appear longer and fuller. We feel a date night coming on!


I was inspired by the double ponytail made popular by Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and The City." You'll love how easy it is to achieve. Beauty bonus: Your guy won't be able to pinpoint why you look extra cute. He'll just know that you do. Here's how to do it.

Sexy Double Ponytail Hairstyle

1. Start with either natural curls or curl your hair using a medium-sized barrel curling iron. I recommend curling your hair in a backward motion.

2. Create a high pony using the back of the hair, reserving the sides and the upper section for later. Next, create the second pony at the nape of the neck. Tease both ponytails at their base to add volume.

Sexy Double Ponytail Hairstyle

3. Tease the front of the hair, twist it and let it fall back. Secure with pins so that it covers the high pony. Secure remaining sides of hair to cover the low ponytail. It should look like one big, fluffy ponytail. If you have bangs, sweep them off to the side in a sexy, fluid motion.

4. Tease the bottom ponytail. This creates fullness and helps your look last. Secure the entire look with a firm holding hairspray.

For more hairstyles by Maritza, go to Maritzab. Photography by John Gutierrez Photos. Modeling by Cristina Loza

Maritza Buelvas

Maritza Buelvas is a sought-after master stylist weaving in a sense of whimsy and fashion into her work. Aside from styling, Maritza is focused on providing unique hair instruction, web design and written editorials on her website, Maritza and her work have been featured in Style Me Pretty, The Chicago Tribune, NBC, Wedding Chicks, WGN, and Lifetime Television. Aside from catering to brides and special events, Maritza launched the first — and only — fashion and beauty based breakfast editorial, She enjoys interviewing tastemakers, covering trends in romantic travel, and writing about savory finds. She also proudly served as an Editorial Assistant for Giuliana Rancic’s Fab Fit Fun. Maritza resides in Chicago with her husband and two young sons.

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