How to Create a Half-Up Hair Bow Using Your Own Hair

by Ulrika Edler

How to Create a Half-Up Hair Bow Using Your Own Hair

The holidays are the perfect time to try a few new ‘dos and really make a grand entrance at your seasonal soirées. In this hairstyle, your hair transforms into your best accessory—a bow! If you didn’t know, bows aren’t just for packages anymore; they’re also perfect for your hair.


While this hairdo may look complicated, it’s far from it—you can totally do it yourself at home and it works for all sorts of hair textures. I decided to do it with my hair curled into large, loose curls to make it soft and feminine. This hairstyle is not only perfect for the holidays but works great for work or a date night.


Follow my step-by-step directions to create this look for your next holiday party or girl’s night out.


1. Curl your hair with whatever size curling iron barrel you want. I use a 1½-inch curling iron by Hot Tools. If you don’t want to curl with a curling iron, try my no-heat curling process instead.


2. Take a piece of hair from each side of the head. If your hair is thinner, you might want to take all the hair on the crown to create a fuller bow.


3. Now make a small ponytail but the last time you pull it through the elastic leave the ends in to create a loop. The ends should face up.


4. Secure the ends out of the way with a bobby pin and you’ll see the start of two sides of the bow.


5. Secure the two sides of the bow in place with bobby pins in the same color as your hair to blend in. I recommend using one bobby pin placed from up to down in your bow and one from down to up, on both sides of the bow.


6. Remove your top bobby pin to release the end of the ponytail. Hide the elastic with the ends of the hair strand and secure it with a bobby pin just under the elastic. Finish off your hairstyle with hairspray for hold.


Finished! Now you have a fun and festive hair bow to wear for the holidays or for everyday occasions.


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