Holiday Hairstyle: January Jones’ Glamorous Finger Waves

by admin

Holiday Hairstyle: January Jones’ Glamorous Finger Waves

Nothing says the holidays like glamorous finger waves. This look on January Jones is not only classic but screams fancy and fabulous—a perfect combo for a holiday soirée hairstyle! 

This look works especially well for all my mid-length gals out there. I’m going to show you an easy way to achieve this finger wave look at home. All you need is a clipless curling iron, duckbill clips, and hairspray.

Photo: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Follow my easy step-by-step directions so you too can be glamorous this holiday season.

  1. Start off working a spray gel or a mousse through your damp hair before you blow dry for volume and hold.
  2. Section the hair for curling, starting in the back and curling 1- to 2-inch sections at a time. If your hair is resistant to curl, use a medium hold hairspray before curling each section. Using a clipless curling iron—I recommend an Enzo Milano Curl Stickpoint the tip down and wrap the hair around the curling wand. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds and release. You want to make sure that you curl your hair the same direction all over your head.
  3. Continue curling your hair from the back up to the top of the head, again curling the hair the same direction. Once the hair is fully curled, lightly comb out.
  4. Where your curl dips in and creates an S-like shape, clip the hair in place with a duck bill clip. Do this all over your head to really secure that wavy shape. This will allow the hair to set, and create glamorous finger waves.
  5. Finish off this look by applying a firm hold hairspray and your done!

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