How To Create A Fun, Flirty Faux-Bang Topknot

by admin

How To Create A Fun, Flirty Faux-Bang Topknot

Want to experiment with bangs without the dramatic commitment that comes with them? This is the hairstyle for you.

Bangs are fun, flirty, and a great way to add edge to any hairstyle. Unfortunately, they can also be a giant commitment—even if they're temporary, the growing out process can be absolute torture. If you're not ready to make the big chop, this tutorial is a great way to experiment with the idea of fringe. Hairstylist Kathleen Pothast shows us how to achieve truly temporary bangs with this fabulous topknot tutorial. All you need to do to get rid of them is take your hair down! And if you love the look? Well, then you know it's time for scissors!

Follow these steps:

Faux Bang Topknot Steps 1 & 2

1. Prep your hair with a dry texturizing spray. We used Lanza Haircare Healing Style Dry Texture Spray, $18.90.

2. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Faux Bang Topknot Steps 3 & 4

3. Separate the front section of your ponytail from the rest of the hair; this will be your faux bang, so for a thicker fringe, use more hair. Push "bangs" down against your forehead and position so they curve around your brows and pin in place using bobby pins.

4. Flat iron the faux bangs so they curve slightly under and fall naturally against the forehead.

Faux Bang Topknot Step 5

5. Take the remaining hair from the ponytail and separate it in two. Twist the sections in opposite directions around the base of the ponytail until you like the look of the topknot, making sure the topknot covers the pins holding the bangs. Pin the bun in place and finish with a light mist of hairspray.

Let us know how you like your faux bang look!