How to Create (or Fake) a Long Ponytail

by Jenny Strebe

How to Create (or Fake) a Long Ponytail

Do you want to add a few inches to your ponytail without having to pay for expensive extensions? Today, I have the perfect tutorial for you ladies who dream of long locks. This look is ideal women with mid-length hair or long hair and works with every type of hair texture. It will give you that long ponytail you crave in just minutes.




Follow my easy step-by-step directions and watch the video below to learn how!


  1. Start with dry hair. From the nape to the crown, take a “U” like section. Clip the top section away for later.
  2. Create your first pony close to the base of your hairline.
  3. Drop the top section and take the remaining hair and create a second ponytail at the crown area. Secure the pony with an elastic.
  4. Spread out your hair for fullness.
  5. Finish this look off with a medium-hold hair spray. 



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