How to Create Retro-Inspired Wavy Hair

by Maggie Niemiec

How to Create Retro-Inspired Wavy Hair

Going retro is all the rage and getting the chic look has never been easier. In a few easy steps Alberto VO5 hair expert, Chris Lospalluto, shows you how to get wavy hair à la Veronica Lake.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 1



For this style, you can begin with clean hair. Create a deep side part starting at the arch of the eyebrow and going all the way back to the crown.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 2



Separate hair into three sections, one on each side behind the ear and one at the back of the head.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 3



Take the section of hair on the right side of your head and separate it into two sections, top and bottom. Separate the hair on an angle and clip the top part off to the side.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 4



With a 1-1/4-inch curling iron, wrap the hair in the bottom section toward your face. Roll under and upward. After a good 30 to 60 seconds, release the hair from the iron but don’t let it unravel.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 5



Slide a hair clip into the roll to secure it. Spray it with hairspray for extra hold.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 6



Curl the top section of hair on the right side the same way you curled the bottom section. Secure it with a hair clip and hairspray.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 7



On the left side of your head, divide your hair into three sections, again going on diagonals like you did on the right side. Clip the top two sections out of the way.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 8



Curl the bottom section on the left side toward your face, going upward. After a good 30 seconds, release the hair from the iron but don’t let it unravel. Use a clip and hairspray to secure the roll.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 9



Curl your hair the same way you did in step 8 with the other two sections on the left side of your head. Clip them and spritz with hairspray.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 10



Take the hair at the back of your head and divide it into two equal sections. Then, take the right section and divide it, again, into three equal diagonal sections. You are basically repeating the steps you used on the front sections of hair.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 11



Repeat the curling and pinning process with the sections you’ve created at the back of the head. Now your whole head should be set.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 12



Spray your entire head with hairspray. Let your hair cool down for 5 minutes. Then, take out the rolls section by section, starting at the bottom.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 13



Spray your comb with hairspray and use it to carefully smooth out the curls. Push up a little from underneath the hair—almost as if you’re teasing—to subtly set the wave. Keep combing and spritzing with hairspray until you like the softness of the style.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 14



Pin back the hair on one side of your head for a more dramatic and romantic look.


Retro Wavy Hair Step 15



Spray your hair with light-hold hairspray to finish the style.


Meet the Stylist



New Yorker Chris Lospalluto has quickly become one of the most sought after young stylists in Manhattan. Having worked with respected stylists, such as Serge Normant, Chris has gained quite the celebrity following including Diane Lane and Shenae Grimes.

Chris finds inspiration in the glamour of the 1960s and ’70s and enjoys reinterpreting those looks for a modern aesthetic.

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