How to Create Rock ‘N’ Roll Waves

by admin

How to Create Rock ‘N’ Roll Waves

Who doesn't dream of having sexy rock 'n' roll hair? This rock 'n' roll curl has been seen all over the runway this year and is a staple look on celebrities like the Olsen twins. Watch my video and follow my easy step-by-step directions below to achieve this bad girl look that will make all boys drool.

For this look you’ll need:

  • A curling spray (I used KMS Hair Play Spray Wax)
  • 1¼-inch curling iron


  1. Start with dry hair and section your hair off from ear to ear.
  2. Take your curling iron and, with the iron pointing downward, wrap 1- to 2-inch sections around the iron with the tong open. (Note: It’s important not to curl the last 1 to 2 inches of hair on each strand.)
  3. When working with the sections in front of the ear, make sure to curl the hair going away from the face. 
  4. After your hair is completely curled. Spritz with KMS Hairplay Spray Wax while using a blow dryer on medium heat to grunge up your hair texture.

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