How to Create a Sexy Rope Braid Updo

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How to Create a Sexy Rope Braid Updo

This rope braid updo hairstyle is sure to keep strands in place, frizz at bay, and you feeling light and fresh all summer long. Bonus: This roping method is easy to accomplish with two strands, so it's a great style that anyone can create.


If your fingers fumble over three-strand braid styles, then you will appreciate this rope braid updo that requires only a two-strand roping method. The look says sexy summer ease like nobody's business. Here's how to do it.

Sexy Rope Braid Updo (1-2)

1. Part your hair in three sections—left side, right side, back. Start with two strands on preferred side of your head (I prefer the side which has the deeper part) and begin twisting, or "roping," the strands together.

2. Next, grab hair outside of the rope braid pieces and blend with the strand that's closest to the scalp. Keep tension on the strands, keeping the look tight and secure, and moving quickly as to not to unravel the rope.

Sexy Rope Braid Updo (3-4)

3. Finish the rope by gathering all the hair from the back of the head. Once you've reached the nape of the neck, you will begin just twisting, or "crisscrossing," the two strands. Secure your rope braid hairstyle with a rubber band and pin it upward, creating an updo affect.

4. Next, grab the remaining hair on the other side of the head, twist it until it forms a skinny rope, and pin it toward the back of the head, behind the roped updo you created first.

Sexy Rope Braid Updo (5)

5. Pin any loose ends inside your finished roped updo. You can dress up the look with a tortoise clip or headscarf to add to the boho vibe. Secure your rope braid and remove any flyaway pieces with hairspray, and your carefree summer has just begun.

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Hair: Maritza Buelvas. Photography: Cassandra Eldridge. Makeup: Brenda Arelano. Model: Willow Star.