How to Create a Waterfall Braid That Wows

by Ulrika Edler

How to Create a Waterfall Braid That Wows

A small tweak on a traditional braid can give you this sweet result: the waterfall braid. The look is romantic yet playful and easy enough to create. Wear your waterfall for date night, special occasions, or weekend fun. Learn how to create a waterfall braid in a few easy steps!


The waterfall braid is really one of my favorite braids! It looks very intricate but at the same time cute and casual. You can do it on any texture of hair you want, and it will look beautiful. I prefer it with curls or waves since it gives a softer look. The braid works with long- to medium-hair lengths, but it can also work on shorter cuts if you don’t plan to jump around too much. Follow these steps to create this beautiful hairstyle.


1. Take a piece of hair from near your hairline. Divide it into three pieces as to start a classic three-strand French braid.


2. Cross the upper strand over the middle strand. (It will now be the middle strand.)


3. Then cross the lower strand over the middle strand.


4. Now pick up some hair next to the upper strand and join this hair with the upper strand.


5. Cross the upper strand over the middle strand.


6. Here is where the waterfall portion of this braid style comes into play: Instead of crossing the lower strand over the middle strand, drop it and let it hang.


7. Take some hair next to it, and cross this over the middle strand. Continue the same way all around the head! Add hair to the upper strand before you cross it over the middle strand, drop the lower strand to hang, and instead pick up a new upper strand to cross over the middle strand.


8. When you reach the other side and have dropped your lower strand, don’t pick up a new one. Instead, keep the two strands you have, and take a new strand from near to the hairline. Now create a classic three-strand braid for a few inches, and secure it with a clear elastic or one in the same color as your hair.


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