How to Do a French Twist

by Maggie Niemiec

How to Do a French Twist

Every woman should know how to do a classic French twist — a style that works great day or night. Alberto VO5 hair expert, Chris Lospalluto, shows you how in a few simple steps.





French Twist Step 1





Start with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day — it’s hard to do a French twist with clean hair because the pieces will fall out. Use a curling iron to add texture to your hair.


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French Twist Step 2





Finger-comb all your hair back. Separate a 3-inch section from the top of the head to the front of the crown and divide it into 3 equal-size sections.



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French Twist Step 3





Tease each of the three sections. Once teased, push the sections forward onto your face and out of the way.



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French Twist Step 4





Loosely gather the rest of your hair low at the base of your neck as if you are making a ponytail. Smooth it out with your hands.



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French Twist Step 5





Keeping the hair very tight, twist it about three-quarters of the way down.



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French Twist Step 6





Bring the hair up and continue to twist it as you go. Push hair pins straight into the twist to secure it.



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French Twist Step 7





Once you get to the top, twist the hair into a little knot, almost as if you’re making a bun. Secure it by pushing hair pins straight into the twist.



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French Twist Step 8





Bring the pieces in front on your forehead to the back. Smooth them out with a comb.



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French Twist Step 9





Lay the pieces on top of the twisted hair and work them in so they look like they are part of the twist. Secure with hair pins.



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French Twist Step 10





Gather the bit of hair that’s hanging off into a little ball and tuck it underneath the twist, right below the crown. Secure with hair pins.



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French Twist Step 11





Pin down any loose pieces to minimize the volume on top. Stick hair pins into pieces where there is too much volume.



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French Twist Step 12





Finish with a spritz of some light-hold hairspray to keep the French twist in place.



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French Twist Step 13





The French twist looks beautiful with bangs or wispy pieces framing the face. This classic and versatile hairstyle is perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town.



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Meet the Stylist





New Yorker Chris Lospalluto has quickly become one of the most sought after young stylists in Manhattan. Having worked with respected stylists, such as Serge Normant, Chris has gained quite the celebrity following including Diane Lane and Shenae Grimes.


Chris finds inspiration in the glamour of the 1960s and ’70s and enjoys reinterpreting those looks for a modern aesthetic