How to Do a Knotted Side Ponytail

by admin

How to Do a Knotted Side Ponytail

This knotted side ponytail is a great way to add that extra dimension to your normal, Plain Jane, side ponytail! It's easy to do and doesn't take long to create. If you're not a fan of the side pony, no worries—wear it as a low ponytail in the back.

This hairstyle is very easy to personalize because you can choose the number of knots you create. Make it like mine with only a few knots at the top of your ponytail or continue knotting all the way down. You can also choose to make it a sleek ponytail for a night out or a bit more messy for an everyday boho look. Follow the steps below to achieve this easy hairstyle.

  1. Make a side part and pull all of your hair to one side of your head.
  2. Take two strands of hair, one on each side of the ponytail.
  3. Tie it into a knot and pull it tight.
  4. Next cross the hair on the backside of your pony.
  5. Add some hair from each side of the ponytail to each of the existing strands of hair.
  6. Tie another knot.
  7. Do the same technique for as many knots as you'd like.
  8. When you finish with the knots, take the two strands and join them in the back. Secure them with a small elastic band.
  9. For the elastic to lie flat against the ponytail make a little hole just above it.
  10. Twist the hair around and into the hole.
  11. Next pull the hair through the hole.
  12. Pull on the hair to make it tight again.
  13. Hide any ends that stick out with bobby pins. Arrange the knots around to hide the pins. 

And there you have it: The Knotted Side Ponytail! Enjoy!

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