How to Do a Messy Side Bun

by Maggie Niemiec

How to Do a Messy Side Bun

Get a chic messy side bun in just five easy steps from celebrity hairstylist, Sheenon Olson.




Messy Bun Step 1




A messy side bun is perfect for a night out with your girlfriends or a special occasion. Once your hair is curled (or if it’s already curly), gather it on one side of your head and pull it into a ponytail.




Messy Bun Step 2




Taking small sections, back-comb your hair to create volume.




Messy Bun Step 3




Bunch up each piece that you’ve back combed and bobby pin them in place.




Messy Bun Step 4




Continue bunching and pinning pieces until you create a balanced bun.




Messy Bun Step 5




Twist your bangs back and bobby pin them into the bun. Just like that, you’ve got a fabulous messy side bun.




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Put the steps you just read into action. Watch this how-to video.