How to Do a Professional Looking Root Touch-up at Home with a Touch-up Spray

by admin

It’s been six weeks since your last hair coloring, and those pesky roots are showing up again. You don’t have time to get to the salon, but you’re tired of messy home-coloring kits. Why not try the quick and easy solution—the touch-up spray? If you’re worried that you don’t know how to do a professional-looking root touch-up at home with a touch-up spray, no fears—it’s really pretty easy.

Instant root coverage is not exactly rocket science, but there are certain things you need to know. First, choose a brand of touch-up spray that has a proven record of looking natural and professional and won’t make you look like you just ran a brown crayon over your hair. Experts seem to agree that Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Colore Root Touch-up is your best bet.

Of course, it is also the most expensive at around $23. It’s worth your while though to invest in a good touch-up spray, as many cheaper brands can feel waxy or powdery to the touch; not to mention they can give you a result that looks like you touched up your roots with mascara.

It’s also critical to choose the appropriate color. If your roots are gray, they’re most likely lighter than the rest of your hair. If you don’t go dark enough, you’ll end up with a skunklike stripe of yellow or coppery hair on top of your head. Then again, if your roots are dark and you don’t get a light-enough color, you’ll end up with a reverse skunk look. And of course, that stinks, too! There should be pictures on the box of the product that you can use to properly match up with your color.

To apply the root touch-up spray and create a professional look at home, carefully follow the directions that come with the product. Each brand has its own set of directions. The spray should dry very quickly, allowing you to go about the rest of your day worry-free. Before it gets too dry, comb or finger-comb your hair so that the color blends in as evenly as possible.

You now know how to do a professional-looking root touch-up at home with a touch-up spray. Just make sure you choose the brand and color wisely, and you’ll stay perfectly coifed between salon visits.

Written by Arden Davidson