How To Do A Twisted Chignon

by Maggie Niemiec

How To Do A Twisted Chignon

There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful twisted chignon. Follow these steps from Alberto VO5 hair expert, Chris Lospalluto, to easily achieve the look.


Twisted Chignon Step 1




The twisted chignon is perfect for date night. Start with hair that hasn’t been washed for at least one day. If you have straight hair, use a curling iron and a light sea salt spray to give it texture.


Twisted Chignon Step 2




Divide your hair into three sections — one in the center at the back of your head and one behind each ear.



Twisted Chignon Step 3




Take a 2-inch portion of hair out of the back section at the crown of your head. Back-comb this top section and flip the hair over your forehead.



Twisted Chignon Step 4




Then, take another 2-inch section out of this back section right below the first top section. Back-comb this second section, which will form a base for the hairstyle.


Twisted Chignon Step 5




Take the last remaining section in the back and back-comb it. Flip all the sections of hair back over.



Twisted Chignon Step 6



Smooth out any frizz on top of your head. Take the hair from this back section and form a ponytail at the base of your neck.



Twisted Chignon Step 7



Tease the ponytail to make it more voluminous. The more you tease it, the bigger the chignon will be.


Twisted Chignon Step 8



Grab the ends of your teased ponytail. Begin to twist it up and around, forming a chignon. Pin with bobby pins as you go to secure it.


Twisted Chignon Step 9




Once you’ve formed a chignon and secured it, pull it apart a bit to make it looser and bigger.


Twisted Chignon Step 10




Take the section of hair on the left side of your head and divide it into a top half and bottom half. Back-comb both the sections a little and then let them fall back together.


Twisted Chignon Step 11




Next split the side into three equal sections. Take the section closest to the chignon, twist it toward the back, and tuck the end into the chignon. Secure with a bobby pin.



Twisted Chignon Step 12




Repeat with the other two sections of hair on the left side. Try wrapping the sections around the bun for a more modern feel.



Twisted Chignon Step 13




On the right side of the head, divide the hair into a top and bottom section and back-comb both sections. Then let the hair fall back into place.



Twisted Chignon Step 14




Separate the hair on the right side into three equal sections. Twist each section back and tuck into the end of the chignon as you did on the left side.


Twisted Chignon Step 15




Finish the style with a spritz of hairspray.


Meet the Stylist




New Yorker Chris Lospalluto has quickly become one of the most sought after young stylists in Manhattan. Having worked with respected stylists, such as Serge Normant, Chris has gained quite the celebrity following including Diane Lane and Shenae Grimes.

Chris finds inspiration in the glamour of the 1960s and 70s and enjoys reinterpreting those looks for a modern aesthetic.

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Originally published on LHJ.com, January 2013.