How To Find The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

by Hannah Marsh

How To Find The Best Bangs For Your Face Shape

Bangs can be a big commitment. If you’re feeling ready to take on this classic hairstyle but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We did the investigating for you.


Bangs are back in a big way this year. What were once deemed as childish and gave us horrid flashbacks to junior high hallways are now returning to us in sleek and sophisticated looks that make us want to head to the salon immediately.


However, before you make that appointment, we’ve investigated the most flattering fringe for your face shape that are sure to take your look to another level.



1. Round Face Shape


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Is this you? Round faces are, in fact, round. Your face’s symmetry is practically perfect, your jawline is not particularly angular and the width and length of your face are pretty similar.


Your Celeb Twins: Emma Stone, Taraji P. Henson, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen


Play up your features! While there’s no doubt that side swept is the most popular style of bang, they look especially flattering on round face shapes. A deep side part with a longer fringe (go for the bottom pieces hitting mid-lip) swept to the side creates more angle and dimension to this face shape.



2. Oval Face Shape



Is this you? Oval face shapes are the most side-by-side symmetrical of all the major face types. They have more length than a round-shaped face but are still soft at the chin.


Your Celeb Twins: Ariana Grande, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba


Play up your features! Pretty much any type of bang can be flattering on an oval face shape. Our personal favorite are thickly cut, straight across bangs with a slight curve on the sides to frame the eyes. They’re both a fun and sophisticated way to rock the look!



3. Square Face Shape



Is this you? If you get complimented on your killer jawline, you might have a square face shape. Most square faces have equally wide foreheads, cheekbones and a particularly defined jawline.


Your Celeb Twins: Lea Michele, Lucy Liu, Natalie Portman


Play up your features! Long, layered bangs that are tapered on the side help soften those strong, defined features and look killer on a square face shape.



4. Heart Face Shape



Is this you? Heart-shaped faces are blessed with relatively wide foreheads and narrow chins, thus creating the heart shape.


Your Celeb Twins: Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt


Play up your features! Soft, piecy, sideswept bangs look heavenly on heart-shaped faces. Ask your stylist to cut the bangs vertically rather than straight across. This gorgeous angle draws the attention away from your forehead toward your sparkling eyes.