How to Get Lustrous Shiny Locks

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How to Get Lustrous Shiny Locks

Everyone desires lustrous locks that bounce as you walk, shimmering in the light as if you just stepped off the set of a shampoo commercial. You might think this stuff is pure fantasy, but you're wrong! Shiny hair is achievable at home; it just takes a little extra care and the right product. 


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Shiny hair is created when light reflects off the hair, so if the cuticle is damaged or isn't lying flat, then it won't reflect light. Therefore it won't be shiny. With the drying winter months upon us, there has never been a better time to shine up! Here's what you need to know:

Hair Glaze 
A hair glaze is an in-salon treatment. They are usually clear and just help the cuticle to lay down by smoothing it, therefore creating shine. Stop by your local salon to check it out.

Shine Products
Shine serums and elixirs are usually silicone-based and add moisture and shine. They smooth the cuticle down and tame flyaways. I recommend Elixir Ultime by Krastase. Just be careful you don't use too much serum; they can weigh down your hair.

Cold Water
Cold water closes hair cuticles whereas hot water opens them. Use cold water at the end of a shower after washing your hair. That way light can reflect off of a closed cuticle for a gorgeous glow and shine.

Gently Blot 
How you dry your hair after washing it is very important. Gently blot the hair with a towel. If you aggressively towel dry your hair, it will roughen the cuticle and create frizz.

Hairdryer Nozzle
You can add extra shine simply by using a blowdryer with a nozzle. Be sure to point the nozzle in the direction you want the cuticle to lay. This will smooth the cuticle. I recommend using your elixir or shine serum from mid-shaft to the ends before drying.

Shine Spray
Spray shines are a great finisher as they coat the cuticle adding extra shine. After your hairstyle is complete, finish it off with a few spritzes of shine mist and, voilà, hair that glistens!    

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