How to Get Wavy Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes

by Ulrika Edler

How to Get Wavy Hair in Less Than 5 Minutes

Get out the door fast with this quick and easy hairstyle. Five minutes, four steps, and you’ve got tresses worthy of a mermaid.


No matter what your schedule, time is always of the essence. Learn how to get wavy hair you can rock at the office or your next night out with this style you can do in less than five minutes. You will need a heat-protecting spray, a 3/4-inch curling wand or curling iron, a comb, clips to keep your hair out of the way, and a texturizing spray.


Every Day Waves Steps 1-2


1. Wash your hair the night before, and let it air-dry to avoid using heat and keep your strands strong. In the morning, be sure to apply a heat protector before you start styling to prevent the curling wand from burning your hair or causing split ends.


2. Sweep all your hair back, and then take a medium section, starting from the front, on one side. Pro tip: If you want to keep the curled hair separate from the uncurled hair, after you finish each curl, toss the strand over your shoulder or pin it up to keep it out of the way.


Every Day Waves Steps 3-4


3. Curl your hair away from your face using a 3/4-inch curling wand to create loose waves. This size barrel would normally create tight ringlet curls, but when used with large sections of hair it creates waves instead. I end up curling my hair in five sections; however, if you have thicker hair, you might need seven or eight to complete the look.


4. When you have curled all your hair, sweep all the hair back and finish off with a texturizing spray or spray wax; I currently love this one from Rock Your Hair.


There you have it! A quick and easy hairstyle for even the busiest of mornings. Want more tutorials from Ulrika? See more of her work and keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous by visiting Yet Another Beauty Site.